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Beauty guided by Science

Beauty is not just skin deep, nor in the beholder’s eye. You need to be self-reliant on your appearance to face the society with confidence.
Sculpting your body is an art based on science. Changing the largest organ in the body, the skin, or reshaping a part of your anatomy need to be done by those who understand the biology as well as the biological basis of the procedures that are performed.
At Sukhitha Lifestyle Medicine, we are very serious about your safety, long term repercussions of the treatments and the procedures and of course the quality of the outcome! We only offer you procedures after a detailed medical assessment, a discussion and an educational session about the procedures, outcomes and your expectations.


Body Contouring

Comprehensive Surgical and Aftercare Packages

We will help you to regain your desirable shapes and tones, by removing skin and fat excess which you may have accumulated over the years, due to ageing, major weight loss and post pregnancy. Our team of experts will sit with you to explain our comprehensive range of options, and plan the entire process with you to suit your requirements to take you to your goal.

Services offered under this segment include Abdominoplasty, Belt Lipectomy, Upper Body Lift, Brachioplasty (Arm Lift), Thigh Lift, Lower body Lift with Buttock Lift.


Facial Aesthetic Procedures

Minimally Invasive experiences for refreshing looks

Together we will reverse the years with non-surgical minimally invasive solutions to retain and enhance the youthful spark in you. We offer an attractive range of walk-in procedures to fit in to your busy schedules.
With advancing age, your facial contours alter due to a multitude of factors viz, gravity acting on the sagging skin, loss of skin tone and volume loss. These changes, once studied in detail and analysed, can be corrected with carefully planned surgical treatments.
We will recreate and redefine pleasing youthful contours of your face with excisional and toning manoeuvres with concealed scars. These can be carried out under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.
Services offered under this segment include Botox, Fillers, Fat Injection, Thread Lift, Chemical Peels, Lipolysis.


Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss shouldn’t worry you any more

Significant loss of hair may be due to hereditary and environmental factors or intrinsic abnormalities. Our hair restoration solution range offers comprehensive assessment of male and female thinning of hair and balding with minimally invasive and surgical solutions.

Services offered under this segment include Medical Solutions, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Hair Transplant, Tissue Expanders.

Scar Care Solutions

Don’t let the scar, scar your confidence

Any injury to your skin will cause a scar. However, with good initial planning, their visibility and texture can be altered to make the scar inconspicuous. Adverse scarring may range from hypertrophic scars to keloid scars and also have a bearing on different skin types and heredity. The Sukhitha Scar Care Solutions offer you a wide range of options including pre-surgical planning.

Services offered under this segment include Scar Therapeutics, Topical Therapy, Medical Treatments, Steroid Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Micro-needling and Micro-fat Injection, Laser Treatments, Combination Treatments, Planning of the scar before the operations (Eg: Planning for Caesarean Sections).

Post-pregnancy Solutions (Mommy Makeover)

Reward yourself with a comeback

The duty of motherhood takes it’s own toll on your body. Our post-pregnancy packages will reward you with the elegance of your youth, with surgical and non-surgical interventions.

Services offered under this segment include Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Implant Augmentation (Breast Implants), Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, Fat Injection, Facial Aesthetics, Female Genital Rejuvenation.

Skin Cancer Excision with Aesthetic Reconstruction

Oncological Excisions with Aesthetic Reconstruction
Skin cancer removal has to be done with extra margins on Oncological Principles to minimize risk of recurrence. The planning of excision and reconstruction is done to preserve contours, especially on your face.

Our team of experts will assess and educate you, and come up with the best solutions.

We also offer re-contouring of deformities due to past excisions.

Male Genital Aesthetics and Rejuvenation

Enhancing confidence…

Worries about your genital structure and appearance may spark many insecurity issues. These conditions maybe congenital or acquired. We offer you surgical and non-surgical solutions after a process of comprehensive assessment and planning.

Services offered under this segment include Circumcision,  Preputoplasty, Aesthetic Frenuloplasty, PRP,  Microfat Augmentation and Monsplasty for Buried Penis.

Female Genital Aesthetics and Rejuvenation

Enhancing confidence…

Worries about your genital structure and appearance may raise many insecurity issues in your relationship. These conditions maybe congenital or acquired with ageing, pregnancy or injury. We offer you surgical and non-surgical solutions after a comprehensive assessment.

Services offered under this segment include Labiaplasty, Clitoral Hood Plasty, PRP, Microfat Augmentation, Monsplasty and Liposuction as well as Soft Tissue Reconstruction.


Functional and Aesthetic Rhinoplasty Options

Deformities of your nose may be present at birth or be acquired after injury, infection or previous surgery. These deformities may be associated with functional issues such as blocked nose. Corrective procedures may need correction of bone, cartilage and skin elements.

We offer you the full range of aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty.

In addition, aesthetic alterations of your nose can be achieved with non-surgical means.

Aesthetic Breast Surgeries

Comprehensive Pre-operative, Surgical and After-care Packages with Post-surgical buildup and Lifestyle Plans

Services offered under this segment include, Reduction, Augmentation and Mastopexy.


Re-contouring the Male Breast with Post-Surgical Buildup Packages

You shouldn’t back out when you have to showcase yourself. Male breast enlargement of minor or major degrees are corrected after thorough initial assessment and education. We offer you procedures with minimal and concealed scarring.

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