Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Sukhitha?

Sukhitha Lifestyle Medical Institute is a modern, scientifically driven, healthcare facility that provides services in all areas of wellbeing. The organisation is dedicated to make people truly well, healthy and robust by providing services and products based on applied western medicine and other allied sciences and complementary therapies.

What is lifestyle Medicine?

Simply put, Lifestyle medicine is the medical specialty that helps and guides you towards positivity from your current position.

The uniqueness of this, on one hand new, yet, on the other hand ancient, speciality is its ability to deliver sustainable lifestyle changes through behavioural change management techniques.

Although the term Lifestyle Medicine might sound new, what is entailed in Lifestyle Medicine is the foundations of conventional medicine. 

Lifestyle Medicine uses evidence based therapeutic lifestyle interventions to rectify or improve health and quality of life. The holistic assessment process in Lifestyle Medicine considers not only the risk factors and markers but also the entire spectrum of antecedent factors from all levels of causality and addresses all those via multi-disciplinary therapeutic interventions to deliver desired outcomes.

What is Sukhitha Lifestyle Medicine?

Sukhitha Lifestyle Medicine was put together by a concerned group of medical doctors, practicing medicine in many fields of medicine. It is a team consisting Physicians, Surgeons, Dietary experts, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Personal Trainers, Star Class Chefs, Beauty and Grooming Experts as well as complementary therapy practitioners to provide our clients with a highly integrated, scientific and an individualised service.

What makes Sukhitha different from everyone else?

What makes us differ from everyone else is how we have integrated our scientific knowledge with the culture, traditions as well as the food consumption and behavioural practices of Sri Lankans.
Years of field work as well as our own research on Sri Lankan foods and the food consumption patterns have given us unique insights into how we could modify and adapt the science to suit our populations.

As our clients have experienced first hand, our science and methods are international and state of the art, our delivery and application are very much Sri Lankan, local and adapted to your own culture, habits and beliefs.

What are Sukhitha Long Term Programmes

Losing weight, toning your body, improving fitness or speed, retraining yourself after an injury to perform at the optimal level, reestablishing restorative sleep and many other modern day lifestyle related solutions take time.

Whenever you need such a solution, we do a detailed multifaceted assessment and create doable and very realistic multi-disciplinary programs to make adjustments over a period of time and to train you to maintain the results you achieve by going through those programs.

How long does it take to achieve results with long-term programmes?

The answer is; it depends!

Losing 5kg can certainly be done much faster than losing 25kg.

We have clients who have lost 50kg in six months. Some are motivated and get there faster, some have complicated lifestyles with many involvements and commitments and take a bit of extra time to get there. 

You work at your own pace, the solutions we provide are tailored to your lifestyle and your way of working. The competition is with yourself! Not with someone else or the clock!

Do you use Diet, Exercise or Medicines?

We simply use what is necessary and what is suitable!

As the name suggests (Lifestyle Medicine) we deal with lifestyle related conditions and help you to make necessary lifestyle changes to achieve results.

So the modalities will include dietary modifications, assessment of social situations and suggesting practical modifications, exercise as well as other complementary therapies depending on your situation, lifestyle and goals.

However, if you are super obese and have severe sleep apnoea, uncontrolled severe diabetes or high blood pressure, making sure we take you away from the life threatening territory would be the first priority. In such situations medicines will be needed.

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