Get Fit and Stay Fit

The Science of Getting Fit

Getting fit is a definite science! Injudicious and unplanned workouts without understanding the physiology, metabolism, and biomechanics can do more harm than good, more often in the long run, despite short term eye candy results.

At Sukhitha Lifestyle Medicine, we are very serious about your physiology, metabolism, biomechanics, as well as your individual goals and targets. Our assessment processes are comprehensive, and we craft individualised, realistic plans and programs to take you to your goals, based on your requirements, without compromising your long-term or short-term health.


Fitness Improvement

Lack of general fitness compromises the performance in all aspects of your life. Once the fitness levels are compromised, other ailments such as posture issues, musculoskeletal problems, muscle and joint aches and pains can creep in, creating a vicious cycle of worsening fitness status.

At Sukhitha Lifestyle Medicine, our fitness programs are designed to capture and correct these issues via our multi-faceted approach and help you to come out of the vicious cycle of worsening physical fitness and performance.



The body you always dreamed of…

Build your body the right way, without compromising your long term health, with a deep understanding of your bio-mechanics and the scientific principle of resistance training.

Let’s start at Sukhitha Lifestyle Medicine, where we assess your body type, your physique, your exercise tolerance, cardiovascular tolerance prior, to embarking on the journey of building your body. We design our programs for each and every individual based on the results of the assessment, to take you to your goals in a realistic way, in the shortest possible time.


Performance Improvement

Performance in your personal, professional or recreational life is inherently linked to your lifestyle, physical and psychological wellbeing, as well as your level of fitness.

At Sukhitha Lifestyle Medicine, we sit down with you and understand your performance goals. We then asses all possible aspects of your performance hindrances and take actions to scientifically rectify your issues and improve your performance and guide you to your goals.


Sports Performance

Do you struggle to shave off that split second, or reach that one extra inch or nail that move?

At Sukhitha Lifestyle Medicine, we asses all aspect of your performance and performance hindrance, and create programs to rectify and improve your physical, psychological, biomechanical and social factors that will make you reach the height that you dream of

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